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Plastic Cone Drain Strainer
Product Code: PDN020PR

Plastic Cone Drain Strainer
Plastic Cone Drain StrainerDimensions of 2" plastic floor drain strainerDimensions of 3" plastic floor drain strainerDimensions of 4" plastic floor drain strainerHow to measure for a floor drain strainer4" Plastic Drain Strainer
$9.95 each

cone shape plastic drain strainer for restaurant drains

plastic cone in drainThe cone-shaped molded Plastic Drain-Net Strainer is the ideal choice for most restaurants and commercial kitchen drains.  The strainer balances strength, durability, straining capacity, and affordability.  It is approximately 8" long and is available in diameters of 2", 3", and 4".  It captures food, debris, and trash that would otherwise clog your floor drains.

  • Keeps food debris and trash from entering your drain pipes
  • Greatly reduces drain clogs and flooded floors which can cause shutdowns, slip hazards, and health code violation
  • Reduce the need to for expensive drain jetting services.
  • Keeping food debris out of your drains can reduce infestation
  • Prevents costly repairs to pipes

how to measure a drain strainerSpecs:
Product Name: Plastic Drain-Net Strainer
Product ID's:  2" Strainer - PDN020PR;  3" Strainer - PDN030PR;  4" Strainer - PDN040PR 
Product Category:  Restaurant, Commercial Kitchens, and Food Service Equipment
Dimensions: 2", 3", and 4" diameter
Sold As: 1 Unit

Video Demonstration

installation%20instructions Plastic Floor Drain Strainer to prevent drain clogs - Drain-Net Plumbing Supplies - Drain-Net

how to measure a drain

plastic floor drain strainer

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