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Grease Sock - Absorb FOG in Floor Drains
Product Code: PDN030GS

$2.50 each

FOG drainline buildup

The Grease Absorbent Sock is the best way to prevent Fats Oils and Grease from clogging facility floor drains.  It is a filter-net filled with absorbent material that you place in our very popular Plastic Drain Strainer (sold separately).  It is easy to install and maintain and prevents the two most common sources for restaurant drain clogs:  FOG and food particles.  This can help prevent drain backups, flooded floors, expensive repairs to plumbing, and wastewater fines.  The absorbent material is 100% organic and environmentally friendly, so when it is filled with grease, simply throw away.  This product is great for restaurants, commercial kitchens, oil change auto shops.


grease absorbentWhat is the absorbent material made of?

The absorbent particulate is designed to contain and control hydrocarbons (oil-based liquids) while repelling water.  Also works for synthetic oils. The absorbent is made from wood pulp reclaimed from the manufacturing of paper products.  Manufactured through a patented process, it absorbs oil immediately on contact while repelling water.  The hydrocarbons are absorbed into the cellulose fibers, preventing leaching in and draining commonly associated with polypropylene sorbents.  Watch our video demonstrating the absorbent capabilities. 

Product Codes: 

2" = PDN020GS (Sold out)
3" = PDN030GS
4" = PDN040GS

 Video demonstration of absorbent material:


  1. Remove rubber band, ensuring absorbent remains inside filter
  2. Place the Grease Sock inside the Plastic Drain-Strainer (sold separately)
  3. Shake the Plastic Drain Strainer to ensure the filter and the absorbent material settles to the bottom
  4. Insert Plastic Drain Strainer into floor drain
  5. When absorbent material is saturated or when filter is full, empty and replace 

grease sock drain strainer

Don't forget to purchase your Plastic Drain Strainer to hold the Grease Sock!

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