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Mop Wastewater Dumping Station
Product Code: WE-3000

Mop Wastewater Dumping Station
Mop Wastewater Dumping Stationmop_water_dump_station_-_parts321_mop_water_dump_station_-_bucket_watersump_pumpmop_dump_station_side_view
$3,870.00 each

This product ships FREE to the lower 48 states. LTL Only.

A wastewater pre-treatment system to remove solids from "scrubber water" or "mop water".

Product Features:

  • The Mop Wastewater Dumping Station is a user-friendly filtration system to better handle your wastewater.  Allows your wastewater to be safely discharged into the sewer.
  • This equipment has a small footprint, measuring 3′ L x 2′ W and 14″ H.  The height for dump area is only 10" off the floor, making it easy for workers to dump large mop buckets. It will also handle gravity discharge from automated floor scrubbers.
  • Empty station through internal sump pump or through 1" removable plug on the backside of the unit
  • All surfaces of this equipment are powder coated paint which is known for durability and strong resistance to corrosion from harsh chemicals.
  • Slanted bottom helps reduce casual effluent, thus reducing standing liquid from becoming septic or foul smelling
  • Hinge rear compartment to allow access to sump pump and internal strainer screen
  • Ideal for manufacturing plants, food processors, schools, restaurants, and other commercial and industrial facilities

This product ships FREE to the lower 48 states. It only ships LTL.  Lead time is about 1 week.

floor scrubber and mop bucket dumping station

Wastewater Dump Station Filtration:

  • Solid debris (mop strings, papers, trash, metal chips, etc). are separated via a 3/8″ perforated, aluminum strainer basket.
  • The basket is light weight, with handles that provide for ease in handling/dumping of accumulated solids.
  • Inside the unit, there is also a screen with 1/8″ perforations will filter out even smaller solids and protects the on-board sump pump. 

dump dirty mop water here to filter

Float Activated Sump Pump:

  • We offer two on-board, float-activated sump pumps. 
  • Model WE-300P provides up to 15 GPM @ 15′ of head.  It will empty the Dump Station faster than a floor scrubber or mop bucket can fill it up.  This unit requires 115-vac/15-amp electrical outlet.
  • Model WE-3000-HO provides up to 23 GPM @ 23' of head.  As such, it is ideal for large factories/warehouses with high ceilings or long distance to effluent holding tank. This unit requires 115-vac/20 amp electrical outlet.
  • The pump has 1-1/2″ outlet plumbing for delivery to an effluent holding tank.   
  • The float activated sump pump will start immediately when as little as 3" of effluent is present (must be plugged in to begin pumping)
  • If you do not want to use a sump pump, you can simply empty the unit through a 1" removable plug on the backside of the unit for direct discharge into a floor drain.
  • Product weight with pump is 150 LBS.  Weight without the pump is 130 LBS.

 Wastewater Dumping Station for industrial and commercial facilities

mop water dump station


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