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Pro-Tech™ Drain Lock - Flat
Product Code: PTDL-30-SB

$32.50 each

Pro-Tech™ Security Bit
Pro-Tech™ Security Bolt Wrench

You can trust your drains are protected with Pro-Tech!

The Pro-Tech™ Drain Lock is a tamper-proof solution to keep scrap, debris, and trash out of the drains and pipes. No more calling a plumber and waiting for them to arrive while the restaurant staff stands on wet floors. Reduce expensive plumbing bills associated with drain jetting! This product can lock down floor drains, floor sinks, mop sink, and just about any drain in your building!

  • Made with a super impact-resistant composite polymer. Even if you hit it with a hammer, it won't break!
  • Expanding teeth grips the pipe without damage as bolt tightens. This won't pull out of the drain!
  • The grill allows water to drain freely into pipes but blocks larger items from passing through, preventing drain clogs
  • The lower expander can catch smaller items such as mop strings, bags, etc.
  • This product features a stainless steel rust-resistant security bolt. (Security wrench and bit sold separately.  Please choose at least one of them.) 
  • Can stand up to harsh chemicals & hot fluids
  • Proudly made in the USA!
  • Distributors - contact us for private labeling (500 locks or more)



  • Remove the floor drain cover
  • Insert the Pro-Tech Drain Lock into the pipe 
  • Use the security wrench tool or security bit (sold separately) to tighten down the bolt.
  • As the bolt tightens, the lower portion of drain lock expands against the sides of the pipe, locking it in place.
  • The only way to remove the drain lock is when you untighten the bolt & remove it using the security wrench tool or bit


Spec Sheets (Click to view and download)

drain-lock installation into floor drains

This product was designed for the food service industry, bars & restaurants, commercial kitchens, food processing plants, grocery stores, and any facility with drains that need protection!

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