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Hydromechanical 100 GPM XL Grease Interceptor
Product Code: HGI-100-04

Hydromechanical 100 GPM XL Grease Interceptor
Hydromechanical 100 GPM XL Grease Interceptorengineered_for_easy_666840389smart_tank_design_213101667effluent_sampling_1855306100pre-plumbed_options_453201172load_rated_covers_189868565flow_control_1919575063dynamic_inlet_980439162riser_extensions_658838520canplas_endura_xl__large_1306175161100gpm-specs_264389623
$4,841.00 each

18" Extension Riser Pair
35" Extension Riser Pair

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Buried grease interceptor

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Drain-Net's Hydromechanical 100 GPM XL Grease Interceptor is unlike traditional, large capacity Gravity Grease Interceptors.  Our design uses more than just the natural buoyancy of fats, oils and grease (FOG) to separate them from waste water which results in qualified efficiency based on National performance standards to ensure the most effective removal of grease.  This grease interceptor features industry leading separation efficiency based on testing to national standards.

Comparable operational grease capacity (1058 lb) to 1500 gallon Gravity GI (Concrete).* Operation based on Dynamic Inlet Baffle (Pat. Pend.) with internal flow control device. Smart tank design offers many features, with external flow control available as an option. Cut-to-length riser system for burial up to 72”, pre-plumbed outlet system, traffic rated dual cover format for unrivalled maintenance accessibility & inspection. 

Specs, Description, and Highlights:

  • 1058 LB Grease Capacity
  • 98% Efficiency
  • Dynamic Inlet Baffle - Internal flow control (supplied standard)
  • Optional External flow control (PDI G101)
  • Seamless Tank – Rotationally moulded using up to 100% recompounded material
  • Dual Access Covers -Traffic Rated (CSA B481.1 Type ‘S’) Rated in excess of 20,000lb
  • Airtight/Watertight cover, frame and adjustable riser system
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Connection Size Inlet - 4” Sch40 DWV /  Outlet – 4” Sch40 DWV
  • Outlet (Side) – 4” SDR35 Sewer
  • Connected using mechanical joint couplings allowing for use of various piping materials.
  • Consult local code for connection format compliance.

Passing over the ramp, any solids or debris separate by gravity into the defined solids retention area. This significantly reduces the likelihood of grease laden particles from exiting the interceptor.

outlet options for the grease trapOutlet Well Features and pre-plumbed options:
With FOG and solids having been effectively separated, the waste water leaves the tank via our uniquely enclosed outlet well, the effluent being discharged to the downstream drain through one of three pre-plumbed tank outlets.  The two side outlets are supplied with industry standard MJ caps, making for quick & easy on-site commissioning. Simply move the desired cap to seal the primary outlet and connect to the SDR35 sewer pipe using an approved MJ coupling.  For convenience these side outlets can also serve as a vent connection to the downstream drain.
dynamic inclet baffle
Dynamic Inlet Baffle:
Injection molded in engineered thermoplastic the Dynamic Inlet Baffle features a simple pull-push action which opens and closes the baffle providing fast access for inspection and cleaning. The handle can also be extended for deep access installations using regular DWV fittings, ensuring that accessibility is maintained.


Integrated flow control for grease interceptor

Integrated Flow Control:
Mounted on the front shell of the dynamic baffle, the flow control orifice moves away from the inlet pipe as the baffle is opened. Giving opportunity for visual inspection and cleaning, this action also opens the upstream line to its full diameter, allowing any accumulated debris to pass into the tank, where it can be removed.  For PDF-G101 applications, the orifice plate is removed and external flow control device is installed. This flexibility means that this HGI-100 is the first to offer PDI G-101 and ASME A112.4.3 Type A and Type C configurations with a simple field-managed change.

load rated covers for grease interceptor endura xlLoad Rated Covers:
Our covers use high grade thermoplastic for strength, durability and chemical resistance. The seal is recessed in the cover for security and protection. Available with traffic rated covers, third party evaluated to exceed the maximum design load of AASHTO H20 (16,000 lbs) and CSA B481.0 Class ‘S’ (proof load 20,000 lbs).  Also available Class ‘M’ covers (Proof load >4000 lbs) for internal/external pedestrian and light traffic applications.
Integrated Water Effluent SamplingIntegrated Water Effluent Sampling:
With removal of the downstream access cover, the sample port/air balance cap provides direct access to the effluent stream for water quality sampling. This removes the need for additional sampling ports downstream. (Subject to local code requirements).  As an air balance device, this cap is essential to the operation of the interceptor maintaining the balance of air pressure within the unit to prevent build-up of positive pressure that can lead to discharge of tank contents. This cap is available as a replacement part. The XL DOES NOT typically require a separate sampling location. For those jurisdictions that do require the capability to sample, Drain-Net XL incorporates a sampling port within the outlet assembly (sampling well found here.)  This is accessed by the simple removal of the air balance/sample port cap allowing water quality samples to be taken for analysis.
under ground grease interceptor riser extensionRiser Extensions:
Our ‘cut to suit’ Extension Riser is supplied with an additional frame interfacing directly with the tank. The original cover is removed for installation and relocated to the top of the extension when ready to backfill.  Extendable to maximum of 72" (top face of tank to grade) the air and water tight Extension Riser provide a fast and easy means to achieve a perfect finish at grade/floor level.
grease interceptor xl design
100GPM specs
Hydromechanical Grease Interceptor 75 GPM


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