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pdi certification The Plumbing and Drainage Institute(PDI) is the premier source of information for plumbing and drainage products such as Grease Interceptors. Their objective is to promote the advancement of Engineered Plumbing Products through publicity, public relations, research, and standardization of product requirements.

Drain-Net is a sales agent for Zurn and other manufacturers who have obtained PDI Certification for the following products.  Please contact us if you need copies of specific approvals.

Ultra-Compact Plastic Grease Trap 4 GPM

Compact Plastic Grease Trap 7 GPM

Compact Plastic Grease Trap 10 GPM

Compact Plastic Grease Trap 15 GPM

Plastic Grease Trap 20 GPM

Plastic Grease Trap 25 GPM

Plastic Grease Trap 35 GPM

Plastic Grease Trap 50 GPM

Low Boy Plastic Grease Interceptor

Metal Grease Interceptor 4 GPM - GT2700-04
Metal Grease Interceptor 7 GPM - GT2700-07
Metal Grease Interceptor 10 GPM - GT2700-10
Metal Grease Interceptor 15 GPM - GT2700-15
Metal Grease Interceptor 20 GPM - GT2700-20
Metal Grease Interceptor 25 GPM - GT2700-25
Metal Grease Interceptor 35 GPM - GT2700-35
Metal Grease Interceptor 50 GPM - GT2700-50
Metal Grease Interceptor 20 GPM - GT2701-20
Metal Grease Interceptor 35 GPM - GT2701-35

For Metal Grease Interceptors, please call for pricing.

Please note most customers use plastic Grease Traps because they come with a 10 Year Limited Warranty and they don't corrode.

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Clinton Station Diner
Clinton, NJ

The Clinton Station Diner uses grease traps and GDRU's (garbage disposal replacement units) from Drain-Net.

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