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GreaseWatch 3 (Grease Trap Monitoring through Cellular connection)
Product Code: GW-300

GreaseWatch 3 (Grease Trap Monitoring through Cellular connection)
GreaseWatch 3 (Grease Trap Monitoring through Cellular connection)wireless grease interceptor monitor for underground tanksG3 TANK VISION is your Internet Based Tank Monitoring Service providing daily data that can be analyzed by Facility Manager(s)
$4,800.00 each

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tank vision grease monitorOutdoor - remote, battery-operated tank monitoring system. Lets you know the sludge level on the bottom of a grease trap or septic tank, temperature of grease or liquids, measures the floating grease and oil inside the tank, and alerts of you of emergencies.

Do you have a grease interceptor outside your restaurant or commercial kitchen?  How do you know when it is time to pump out your grease trap or grease interceptor?  Drain-Net has solved the problem with Tank Vision, a remote grease monitor which analyzes your grease interceptor and provides your facility managers with daily updates.

Shipping note: Please allow 1 week lead time. This product can only ship UPS ground.

Cellular Monitoring Annual Subscription: - $300 (1st year of service included with purchase!)

Product Features:

  • Assists in the following: Pumping scheduling, pumper evaluation, tank functionality, and plumbing issues related to grease trap
  • Emergency service notification
  • Provides sufficient reporting for city officials
  • Tank Vision measures: liquid level, top oil/grease, bottom sludge, and temperature
  • Tank Vision features alarms for: high liquid level, total top solids, total bottom solids, and percentage of total solids
  • Other features include: digital cellular telemetry, battery operation, easy installation at tank,
  • No external phone line or power requirements.  Uses Cellular connection (annual subscription required)
  • Compatible with tanks of 150 gallons and up.  Minimum of 30" or more of static liquid level in the tank to operate correctly.

grease watch 3 monitor for underground tanks and grease traps

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How does a remote grease monitor help you?

Answer: It lets you know how much grease your restaurant or commercial kitchen is generating
You will know when to pump your grease trap (so you don’t pump too often or too late)
It allows you to document how clean your tank is after each pump
Greatly reduce the risk of drain clogs, back-ups, and costly plumbing expenses by properly managing your liquid waste stream
If a problem ever occurs, you will know if you should call a plumber, pumper or jetter.

monitoring grease 

Question: What data do I receive?


  • Amount of Top Grease
  • Amount of Bottom Sludge
  • Amount of Total Solids
  • High/Low Liquid Level Alarm
  • Temperature
  • Tank Alarm Set-Points


Question:  How do I access the data from my grease interceptor?

Answer:  Information is sent over the internet. Daily Reports can be uploaded to your service program. You can monitor manage multiple tanks at once (up to 500 tanks).

Question:  What if my grease interceptor is buried below ground?

Answer:  An above-ground, street-level antenna can be embedded in concrete or asphalt for a totally contained unit.

Question: Who is this product for?

Answer:  This product is for restaurants and other food-service providers. Plumbers, Pumpers, and other Drain specialists may also be interested in this product as part of a service they provide for their customers.

Question: How is this product different than the GreaseWatch II?

Answer: They are basically the same product, but Tank Vision delivers data over WIFI, while GreaseWatch II delivers data through a wired connection.

grease_monitoring_system_banner GreaseWatch 3 - Grease & Sludge Monitor for Tanks, Traps & interceptors - Drain-Net


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