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Coffee Guard Mini - Under counter filter for removing coffee grounds in waste water
Product Code: CG2M

Coffee Guard Stainless Steel Coffee Grounds Removal Filter
Coffee Guard Stainless Steel Coffee Grounds Removal Filter41455820_2061283343936621_1503907623605370880_ncoffee_guardfilter_socks_instructions-webnomoreclogscoffee2
$427.00 each

coffee grinds clogging drains

coffee grind strainer for drainsThe Coffee Guard 2 Mini helps coffee shops and producers to prevent blockages created during the brewing of coffee from the backwash, ongoing cleaning and heating and overflow from the Barista machines. Waste such as coffee grounds, milk, water, protein and coffee bean oils will deposit in the drainage pipes and congeal to block both the drainage pipework and the main drainage pipework. The Coffee Guard employs a simple technique of intercepting the liquid coffee waste byproduct at source and providing a physical barrier with a disposable ultra-fine mesh sock. The replacement frequency of the sock depends on how busy your coffee shop is. Typically, the lifespan of a ultrafine sock in a busy location is about 2 weeks.

  • Stainless steel housing
  • Coffee grounds are retained within a ultra-fine sock with elastic properties
  • Wall mounting clamps / brackets and different hose fittings included for easy installation
  • 2 fine mesh filter socks provided (10 - 30 weeks supply depending quantity of coffee brewed)
  • Typically installed under counter or under sink  
  • Capacity of Fabric Filter: 1.8 pounds solids retention (approximately) 
  • Warranty: 1 year

Overall Dimensions
Diameter: 5"
Height: 9"
Height with Lid Open: 15"
Inlet / Outlet Diameter: 3/4"

How often should I replace the fine filter sock?  Figure 1 cup of coffee produces 0.1 gram of coffee grinds in the waste water.  The fabric filter can hold 1.8 lbs or approximately 800 grams of coffee.  Therefore, the filter can hold about 8,000 cups worth of coffee grinds. So, if you sell 300 cups of coffee per day, the fine filter will last approximately 26 days.  If you have two Coffee Guards installed, the fine filter will last approximately 50 days.  Be sure to monitor the filter sock after installation to determine ideal replacement rate for your location.

Is there any other maintenance required?  We suggest periodic cleaning of the stainless steel filter.  To make this easy, the unit can be completely un-clipped from the wall brackets and then snapped back into place.

view from above sock

coffee grinds in filter 


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