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Exhaust Fan Super Hinge - Standard (various sizes)
Product Code: SH-24S

Exhaust Fan Super Hinge
Exhaust Fan Super HingeExhaust Fan Super Hinge - StandardRestaurant Exhaust Fan Super Hinge for rooftopbefore_and_after_66371143qf18hd_lgsolution15super_hinge_standard-2super_hinge_standard
$419.00 each

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Rooftop exhaust fan hingeProduct Highlights:
  • SH-18 (provides 12" of coverage)
  • Proper Size of Fan Base 12"- 18"
  • Eliminates damage to fan during service and cleaning
  • Reduces roof top grease discharge
  • Reduces conduit and roof damage
  • Lifetime warranty for service life of fan
  • Made in the USA!
The Super Hinge changes the way exhaust fans are hinged for cleaning and maintenance.  The Super Hinge patented technology provides surpasses all existing exhaust fan hinge kits on the market with durability, versatility, and increased support for the fan itself. It's no secret that replacing damaged exhaust fans is very expensive. With Super Hinge's superior support to the fan base, the service life of the fan is increased dramatically.
easy access exhaust fan hinge kit for restaurantsWhere other hinge systems distort the base of the fan, Super Hinge keeps the integrity of the fan base straight and true. This ensures proper seal between the duct and fan, minimizing inefficient vacuum leaks and grease seepage. There is not a fan duct combination that we have not been able to hinge with thousands sold to major restaurant chains nationwide.
Laser cut, heavy gauge powder coated steel components prevent flexing or bending and eliminate the repetitive stress that occurs during use. Corrosion-proof hardware is provided to ensure that the Super Hinge stays firmly attached to the exhaust fan and duct.
In order to provide effective support and to safely hinge an exhaust fan using any Super Hinge exhaust fan hinging system, we highly recommend that you choose a model which supports anywhere from 2/3 to the entire fan base. By following the sizing guildines, you not only ensure safe support of the thin material of the fan base, you also eliminate flexing and bending of the fan base which can compromise the seal between the bottom of the fan and the duct it is mounted to. Failure to do so greatly increases the risk of damaged fan bases, inefficient exhaust draw due to vacuum leaks, grease seepage and personal injury due to fan base or hinging failure.
Why are exhaust fan hinge kits important?
  • hinge kitProper exhaust fan cleaning. In order to thoroughly clean any commercial kitchen exhaust fan a sturdy hinging system must be installed to safely access all areas for proper cleaning.
  • Safety. Trying to remove a heavy exhaust fan from its duct for cleaning or maintenance is not only dangerous for the contractor but always causes some degree of damage to the roof or the fan housing.
  • To protect the fan wiring. Exhaust fan wiring is stretched when the fan is taken off the stack and placed on the roof. Without a hinge kit, the fan wiring is subject to unnecessary abuse during cleaning and maintenance.
  • To protect the exhaust fan. The exhaust fan can be damaged over time by removing it from the stack repeatedly and placing it on its side.
  • To prevent roof damage. Rooftop damage and leaks can be the result of placing the exhaust fan on the roof during cleaning or maintenance.
  • It’s the Law! NFPA 96 Code states: “Approved up-blast fans with motors surrounded by the air stream shall be hinged, supplied with flexible weather proof electrical cable and service hold-open retainers, and listed for this use

    Click to view and download the Standard Super Hinge Installation Insturctions

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SKU Coverage Proper Size of Fan Base
SH-18S Provides 12" of coverage Proper size of fan base 12" - 18"
SH-24S Provides 18" of coverage Proper size of fan base 18" - 27"
SH-30S Provides 24" of coverage Proper size of fan base 24" - 36"
SH-36S Provides 30" of coverage Proper size of fan base 30" - 45"
SH-42S Provides 36" of coverage Proper size of fan base 36" - 54"
SH-48S Provides 42" of coverage Proper size of fan base 42" - 63"


how-to-size-large-fans.jpgSuper Hinge Kit for Exhaust Fans for fans up to 250+ pounds,. SuperHinge comes in 14, 18, 24, 30, 26, 42 or 48 inches long. Comes with two hinges, left and right, and self tapping sheet metal screws. Hinge has unique stopping feature that prevents the hinge from opening past a certain point. Make sure to install so that the grease drain aims down when the fan is tipped open. Also make sure that the electrical is long enough so that if the fan did tip all the way over that the electrical would be long enough. Made of heavy duty black powder coated metal and designed to last for years and years.

We will not be held responsible for any damage to fan, duct, roof or injury to personnel if Hinge is installed improperly or mounted to a fan larger than what has been specified.

 sizing guide for exhaust fan hinge system 

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