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Drain Backflow Preventer 3"
Product Code: FG-3F

$26.70 each

Drain Backflow PreventerThere is nothing worse than a drain backflow.  Cleaning and repairing the damage caused by sewer water can be very costly.  That's why we offer this inexpensive device to help prevent drain backflow.  It is essentially a check valve for your floor drain.  The water will excert pressure on a rubber float.  When pushed enough, the rubber float will seal your drain, protecting your home or business from flooding.  This model is offered in 2", 3", and 3" drain sizes.

Installing flood guard

How to install: 

  • Slightly pre-tighten the screws to expand the outer gasket.  If pipe has slightly larger diameter, this will help the unit from falling too far down the drain
  • You can also use a string, wire, or hook to lower the Backflow Preventer into place.
  • Lower the Backflow Preventer into the pipe, making sure that it's low enough with the float pushed up for the strainer/cover to fit back over the drain, flush, with the floor.
  • Once the unit is down deep enough, tighten the screws at the top to create a snug seal within the pipe.  
  • Put a few drops or dabs worth of oil or grease on the float rod and the hole at the top of the unit.
  • Replace the strainer or cover on the drain 

Drain Guard 3

Places to use this product:  Great for commercial and residential applications.  Basements, laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

How to prevent basement flooding from floor drain


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