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Wall-Mounted Mop Stop Organizer
Product Code: 33355

mop stop organizer
mop stop organizerWall-Mounted Mop Stop OrganizerWall-Mounted Mop Stop Organizer
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Product Details:
Are you tired of mops, brooms, squeegees, and other cleaning supplies clogging up your kitchen, closet, or storage area?  The wall-mounted Mop StopTM Organization System is the perfect solution for your home or commercial needs cleaning needs.  It holds wet mops and other cleaning tools away from painted surfaces of walls & doors with its heavy duty design. 

The wall-mounted Mop StopTM System comes complete with color-coded and cleaning tool labels that will adapt to your current system or help you create one!  The 6-Mop set comes complete with a 4" shelf allowing you to put spray bottles or other items right above the mop that it’s designed for. 

  • Keeps cleaning tools and supplies organized
  • Reduce bacterial buildup by allowing wet mops to drip dry
  • Color coded labels included to ensure proper use of chemicals and tools
Installation and set-up:

Set up your Mop StopTM in an area that’s convenient to all personnel.  The Mop StopTM can be mounted from 3 to 5 feet above the floor surface so that the names and colors can be seen in full view at any person’s height, and the shelf surface is convenient and available for spray bottles and other items.  Apply the included color-coded labels to the face of the shelf above the Rubber Cams, and match the labels with your mop color.  Hang the mop 3” to 4” above the floor in it’s predetermined color coded area.


Before and After

notinstaled Wall-Mounted Mop Stop Organizer | Restaurants Cleaning Mop Room - Drain-Netinstalled Wall-Mounted Mop Stop Organizer | Restaurants Cleaning Mop Room - Drain-Net

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