Basket with Safety Handle - 6.5" Square DN65H

$19.95 each

Use a Floor Sink Basket to capture food, debris, and trash that get washed into the floor sink.  Using a basket prevents clogged drains and flooded floors.  Our Baskets are favored in the restaurant industry for a number of reasons:

  • Allows for drainage on all 4 sides to allow water to continue to drain even as the basket fills up with debris.
  • Fits most standard 6 1/2" floor sinks (allows you to use grate cover on top)
  • Made of durable plastic that won't rust or easily break
  • Removable for cleaning and dishwasher safe

New "No-Splash" Safety Handle!

basket with adjustable handle

  • The safety handle allows for easy removal of the floor sink basket, so that the employee doesn't accidentally tip and dump out contents back into the drain. 
  • Allows employees to pick up basket without exposing them to potential glass, bottle caps, trash, and other stuff inside the basket.
  • Thin design and adjustable position so that it does not inhibit water and cause splashing and wet floors.  If the drain pipes are positioned over the center, simply pop the handle out and insert it into a position closer to the side.  
  • Handle works well with Reacher/Grabber tools for hard to reach basket locations.

floor sink basket with snap in handle

Hard to reach floor sink cut down on f.o.g. in floor sinks

Drain-Net floor sink strainer baskets are designed to fit most any brand of floor sinks including: JR Smith Floor Sinks, Mifab Floor Sinks, Wade Floor Sinks, Zurn Floor Sinks, Sioux Chief Floor Sinks, and CECO Floor Sinks. DN65H