Floor Sink Strainer baskets are preferred over the dome strainer

Floor Sink Drain Baskets

How can a strainer basket help you?
  • A floor sink basket or strainer basket prevents blockage and costly repairs to pipes before they occur

  • Prevents flooded floors which can cause shutdowns, slip hazards, and health code violations

  • A preventative plumbing solution for every restaurant, commercial kitchen, and foodservice facility

  • Eliminates foul odors at the source

  • You can maximizes the effectiveness of a strainer basket when used in conjunction with a Drain-Net Floor Drain Strainer

  • Available with extension handles for ease of reaching underneath equipment
This is an essential drain solution for all restaurants and commercial kitchens!




$3.99 per unit for buying at least 10 Disposable filter for floor sinks FSDF-21218
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