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Garbage Disposal Drain Strainer - Tall
Product Code: GDR-A18

$795.00 each

Replaces Commercial Sink Garbage Disposals (Even the Soiled Dish Table without Sink Bowl).  This unit can handle up to 18 gallons per minute of water flow.

 drain net flat strainer drawer kitchenThis model can replace any commercial garbage disposal. The Crown Adaptor guides wastewater with very small particles from the pre-rinse sink into the strainer drawer of the unit. Handles up to 18 gallons per minute water flow. Comes with three 15 inch legs that can be adjusted up to 20 inches. Can be bolted to the floor for extra stability.

Instead of grinding the food waste and wasting precious freshwater for flushing, the strainer-drawer in GDRU strains solid particles under the pre-rinse sink when dirty dishes are being pre-rinsed, affecting a much needed pretreatment process of restaurant wastewater.

To ensure the food waste is not flushed down your drains, install our GDRU to catch any solid waste before it enters the piping system and grease trap/interceptor. This will help to eliminate the backflows and the foul grease trap/interceptor odors.

• Saves money on water & electricity.
• Environmental friendly.
• No moving parts to maintain.
• Durable stainless steel construction.
• Keeps grease trap/interceptor cleaner and lowers maintenance frequency.
• Encouraged by local governments and Water Districts.

GDR-A18 Installation InstructionsModel # GDR-A18 Specs (Down Outlet):

  • 2" outlet on the bottom of the unit
  • Three legs
  • 16" long X 11" wide X 8" tall
  • Legs are 16" long, but are adjustable up to 21"
  • Total height of unit including the Crown Adapter can adjust between 26" and 30.75"
  • Comes with Plastic Crown Adaptor to fit rounded sink bowl. 


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Clinton Station Diner
Clinton, NJ

The Clinton Station Diner uses grease traps and GDRU's (garbage disposal replacement units) from Drain-Net.

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